Alternative License Pathway
If you are interested in attaining a 405/1405 Computer Science License, there are several approaches. 

1. Study for and take the Computer Science Praxis Test.  The process with DPI is located at <http://bit.ly/cs-license-via-test>. Test prep materials are available <https://www.ets.org/praxis/prepare/materials/5652 > and you can register for the test at <https://www.ets.org/praxis/register>

2. The Milwaukee Teacher Education Center (MTEC) offers an approved alternative certification pathway.  To find out more about this option contact <http://www.mteconline.org>
Updated Computer Science Praxis Exam
A new version of the Computer Science Praxis Exam was released in September, 2018. 
 The new praxis exam correlates to “What would a first-year teacher of high school computer science need to know?”  It is the belief that any teacher that passes the Computer Science Praxis Exam knows the content necessary to teach and inspire tomorrow’s technology leaders.  

In Texas they developed a course “Foundations of Computer Science” which is intended to prepare teachers for the Praxis test.  At this time the cost is $398 ($298 if you are a CSTA+ member).  Please contact Joe Kmoch joe@jkmoch.com for more information on this as well as other opportunities they’ve developed.